12 Thai Boys, 1 Hole

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After 17 days underground, all the Thai boys and their football coach have safely escaped from the Tham Luang cave complex.  How many football, soccer to the lay person, teams practice a mile underground?  It sounds pretty stupid to me but it is what it is.

A team of Thai and international divers made a dangerous and complicated rescue to bring the boys out but we don’t have a lot of details.

Why did the kids go so deep into the cave?

We will not know that until we hear from them and their assistant coach, Ekkapol ‘Ek” Chantawong.  I’m just glad to hear the coaches name wasn’t Sandusky.

On that Saturday they were scheduled to play a match, which was cancelled, according to head coach Nopparat Kanthawong. He scheduled a training session instead.

The boys were keen cyclists so on the Facebook chat group through which they communicated with the parents, coach Ek suggested they cycle to the football field.

There was no suggestion there that they would go on to the caves.

Saturday was the 16th birthday of Pheeraphat ‘Night’ Sompiengjai, and a local shop said the boys spent more than 700 baht (US$22) on food to celebrate, a lot of dough for folks in this part of the world.

Coach Nop describes Ek as being very kind-hearted and devoted to the boys. He thinks the boys persuaded him to go with them into the caves. The caves are well-known in the area and had been explored by the boys before.

The best guess is they went quite deep, which is easy when they are dry, got caught by rising flood water, and were forced to go even deeper.

Long story short, one of Thai’s experienced cave divers suggested they bring in experienced cave divers from other countries to help.  Ultimately this was the difference.   I’m sure the movie will be better than our article.  I didn’t get the details for which drugs were given to the kids to calm them down.  Who even had the drugs?  Coach Sandusky? I hope not.

Bottom line, kids are home safe.  It’s a good day.

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