Should cops be profiling? A look at the numbers

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We at FOCK NEWS love all people but we post facts that the fake media won’t.  For example, when was the last time the fake news highlighted a story of the police killing a white person?  Let me help you out, they don’t do it even though the police kill twice as many unarmed whites as blacks every year.  According to FBI Annual Report on Crime by Race and Ethnicity*, even though Blacks are only 14% of the total US population they represent 51% of the convicted murderers in 2015.  This means 14% of the population is killing more people every year than all the Muslims, Whites, Yellows and Mexicans.  This doesn’t even make sense to me.

It’s natural to profile and everybody does it.  It’s common sense.  If we see somebody that looks like Osama Bin at the airport with a backpack we all might think, “I wonder if that SOB has a bomb” even though the chances are very high he doesn’t.

Profiling can keep you safe.  Reality, you can go anywhere in the US, regardless of color, and be treated with respect.

Did you know that black people kill more white people every year than white people kill white people?  Why is this?  Are blacks racists?  Here is a secret about racism.  There will always be a few racists out there until we all look alike.  There will always be a few bad cops.  A few bad teachers. A few bad everything. Deal with it.  You can’t change this.   I will never forget watching the OJ Simpson verdict being read.  When the verdict was read, the media scanned the country and you would have thought that every black person in the world had just won the lottery.  That was the first time in my life I thought, “Maybe black people don’t like something about white folks.”

I don’t believe the numbers we are highlighting have anything to do with race.  It has to do with education and parenting but this is an entirely different article.  From 2006-2017, data shows 23% of black kids grow up with 1 parent.  (Hispanics 41%, Whites 67%).  This helps explain why so many black kids get in trouble and ultimately take some beatings at the hands of cops.

Bottom line is the media has an agenda and keeping racism alive is one of them.  The left needs racism and uses it daily since they believe it helps them politically.  The media never accused Trump for being racist until he decided to run as a Republican.  The bottom line, neither party have any of us any favors over the last 50 years.  If you label yourself as a Democrat or Republican the likelihood of you being an idiot is extremely high.

Chris Rock and Chappell made millions by laughing at themselves and making racist jokes.  It’s OK to tell a racist joke.  It’s OK to want border security.  What exactly is racism anyway?  I can tell you one thing, it ain’t how the left defines it or our boys Chappel and C Rock would be our nations biggest racists.

Don’t be a beeetch.


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