NFL Special! Kneelers

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Despite claiming to be straight, many NFL players continue to kneel during the national anthem.  We know Colin Kaperdick started this bullshit and divisive behavior.  How can anybody take this dude seriously when he wears F the Police, Pig socks while he shits on the flag.

The first thing Kapearnick should do is give us the truth.  If it’s about police brutality, lets start with the facts.  The police kill 2X more unarmed white people than black people every year.  I know you don’t know this because the fake media will never post facts and Colin is lazy and stupid.

These issues get much better every decade.  Today we have audio, cameras, cell phones, etc.  Bad cops have a much tougher time beating up people and know this, a bad cop is much more likely to fock you up if you say, “Yo, sheet muther focker, I pounded your mom last night” than if you simply respect the officer.

Blacks have been making great strides in the United States.  But that progress seems to have taken a sharp turn in recent polls as millionaire blacks in the NFL have dipped below Muslims in recent rankings.

According to recent survey by the Muslim Kneeling Society (MKS), White Americans rank Muslims over Kneeling blacks…  I think I made up the MKS but the point is we all need to start bringing people together instead of divide.  The Kneeling black people knew that shitting on the flag would piss off Half of America.  Why divide?  You either intend to divide or you are too stupid to realize kneeling is divisive.  It wasn’t long ago when a few white liberals started crying about some statues until we took them down for those lil beetches.  Why?  It made them feel bad.

I would advise my black friends to find other ways to protest than shitting on the flag.  We at Fock News support your right to shit on the flag but this will just result in more police beatings.


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