Lakers need to Swallow Their Pride and ship Lonzo out of town

Posted in by published on May 22 2018

Lonzo Ball appears to be a humble kid for the most part.  He doesn’t talk trash and plays ball but it’s clear the kid is a pussur.  He doesn’t have the Balls to tell his moronic dad to STFU and Chill.  How many times has LaVar gotten away with playing the race card? Putting down Lonzo’s coach and Magic?  LaVar’s a clown.  He claims to be a trainer but he trained his kid shoot like a FockTard and now the kid will never be a great shooter.  If that isn’t bad enough, LaVar seemed to brush off his other son’s criminal behavior in China as ‘no-big-deal.’  WTF is going on?

People say LaVar is just trying to make a living and looking out for his family but if he was he would not have let Lonzo develop that ugly shot.  LaVar is in this thing for LaVar.  He doesn’t care if he embarrasses his kids, his wife, or his friends in order to get some air time.  It’s pathetic but who am I to judge? . Maybe nobody paid attention to LaVar growing up which is why he so desperately needs people to see him on TV.  As a Laker fan, I’d rather lose than have to see, hear or listen to LaVar another minute.

Do I need to bring up the younger kid? LaMelo can’t play defense or he’s so entitled and thinks he doesn’t ahve to. I’m shocked LaMelo’s ankles are still good since we’ve seen them break so many times. I don’t see this kid ever making an NBA roster thanks to daddy.

Send Deng and Lonzo to wherever for a top 30 pick.  Call it a day.


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