Why white kids love Mass Shootings and black, hispanic and asian kids don’t!

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Mass Shootings in our schools are all too common in the United States.  White kids in small towns are responsible for most mass school shootings.

To date no Black Kids have been suspects in any mass shootings at schools in the United States.  Why? 

We asked Devon from Martin Luther King High School and he explained to Fock News that Black Kids are too afraid to kill friends and teachers at school.  Devon said: “If one of our parents finds out we’re involved in a mass shooting we gonna get an azz whoopin.”

Devon went on to explain he avoids the white kids in fear of being gunned down and glad he goes to a high school that is 98% black.

Devon also said if White Kids would just have more sex with chicks they wouldn’t have so many emotional issues.  Devon, 17 years old, and his girlfriend, 16 years old, have a baby boy on the way this fall.

In all seriousness, we at Fock News don’t know why the Fock white kids are now shooting kids up at schools.  Why don’t asian kids do it?  mexican kids?  I’m beginning to hate whites because they are giving guns a bad name.  Our best suggestion is to change the name of AR-15’s to MS-13’s because democrats will protect them.

Signing off Beawtches!!!


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