Stormy Daniels: The Inside Story

Posted in , by published on June 2 2018

Rudy Giuliani said it best when he called Stormy’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, a PIMP.  Word on the street is Michael Avenatti is not much different than Stormy Daniels.  Both are attention seeking whores that will do anything for a buck.  Why do we listen to these whores?  I’ve read reports that CNN, MSNBC have given these two whores approximately $175,000,000 of free air time.

Let’s assume Trump, 12 years ago, had consensual sex with the porn star?  Who can blame the guy?  She seems to have big boobs, whatever.  The liberals didn’t give a fock when their idol, Bill Clinton was using his power to rape and pillage little girls (according to the women).  How many females did Clinton actually take advantage of?  Why did the hateful left destroy these brave women trying to expose Wet Willy?  The double standard is off the charts.

Back to Stormy.  She should be thanking Trump for turning her into a household name.  She has the fame she’s always desired thanks to Trump.  Hollywood Liberals rewarded this dirty whore with “Stormy Daniels Day”  WTF?  Only in Libtard Land.

One year ago Stormy Daniels, according to the videos I have witnessed, Stormy was getting DP’ed and ATM’d from Congo horse cocks for $250.00 a day – now she’s driving a BMW, making millions (presumably) and having missionary sex with white guys.  Disclaimer: We are not sure exactly how much Stormy is earning from her new-found fame and we don’t know if she’s only with white guys but she’s gotta be earning a lot more.

Only in America baby…  Gotta admire the girls commitment to making money.


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