Who is to blame? NBA, GM or Players?

Posted in by published on July 3 2018

Who who do you blame, specifically? The team? The player?  NBA?

There has never been a team with 5 current All-Stars on an NBA team.  A few teams had 4, but it’s typically been no-names like Eddie Jones for the Lakers in 1998… Eddie Who?  Exactly.

My hats off to Bob Myers.  If he can scam low-IQ players, how can you blame the guy?  Bob is playing within the rules that were meant to prevent such a mockery of the game.  Where is the competition?  I do not get how this current group even gets excited after winning a NBA championship.

Can you blame the NBA?  Well, obviously they need to change some things because I feel like the NBA is going to lose a lot of viewers.  Who wants to watch the the NBA All-Star team play against regular teams?   The Warriors won 73 games a few years ago and lost the finals because Draymond has the IQ of a rock.  LeBron is the NBA’s best player but Dray was the MVP for the Cavs in the 2016 Finals.   Verdict: NBA is to blame a little.

The players?  Think about this for a minute.  I ‘feel’ like we need to call these players’ bitches’.  They are too afraid or too lazy to earn NBA Championships so they are, in fact, buying NBA Championships.  When players are taking $5M, $10M and $20M Pay-Cuts to get a Trophy, you are BUYING that Championship.  What happened to the good days when the 76ers, Lakers, Celtics, Pistons and Bulls would grind, compete, sweat to EARN championships?  I guess those days are gone forever.  I have read that the Boogie to the Warriors was more about KD reaching out and begging him than anybody else.  KD’s legacy will forever be great player but bitch who never truly earned a NBA Championship.

This generation of entitlement has carried over to the NBA.  Players are being paid so much money they’d prefer to take a year off, take a $20M pay-cut so somebody could give them a trophy.  What athlete could be proud of that trophy?  What fan is proud of that trophy?  Even the GM, sorry Myers but you are a bitch too.  My guess is Bob never played competitive sports.  How many of us enjoyed playing or beating up teams you knew you would smash?

I probably won’t turn on the NBA next year.  I thought KD being added to the 73 win, best regular-season team in NBA history, was a joke.  The 2 series between Cavs and GS was a lot of fun to watch.   I hate this Golden State Warriors team.  The proper name for them is the Golden State Bitches and I hope more folks join me.  Clearly, the players earn too much money so let’s give them the pay-cut they desire.



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